Hopeless - Colleen Hoover

My progress on this one is slow because there are so many more interesting things to do. Like binge watch Game of Thrones... Anyways, the entire book thus far involves Sky and Holder gawking over each other. About how much they like each other and the attraction they feel for each other. There isn’t enough character development for either of the protagonists for me to even like them all that much, so it’s hard to believe the extent of their claimed passion for each other. It just seems like a superficial relationship, which I guess is more believable considering they are only in high school, but it’s just not all that interesting to read about. But who cares how superficial their relationship is? There is some great secret that Holder is holding back and it will be so interesting it will be worth the wait, right? Wrong- because the moment Sky has her first flash back, you can easily predict his secret. Unless there is more to the secret that I have yet to learn about—so fingers crossed that the last 40% of this book is more interesting.